Perhaps a great move for the boy’s love (BL) genre in the otherwise conservative viewers of South Korean, the VIKI original drama Where Your Eyes Linger has started showing and is available on the website now. Read the synopsis below:

Han Tae-joo (Han Gi-chan) is an 18-year-old high school student and is the sole heir of the TB Group – a family-run business conglomerate.

His strict parents keep him under surveillance 24 hours a day, and he feels both bored and oppressed by their reluctance to let him enjoy a little freedom.

His closest friend is also his unofficial bodyguard – another 18-year-old male student named Kang-gook (Jang Eui-soo). Kang-gook is something of a tough guy, with a powerful physique and a no-nonsense attitude.

But as the two young men grow older, they come to wonder if there is perhaps another dimension to their friendship.

When an outgoing female student named Hye-mi (Choi Kyu-ri) is transferred to their high school, she inadvertently drives up the romantic tension between the two childhood friends by going on a date with Kang-gook – irking Han Tae-joo, and stirring up long-suppressed emotions.

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