After the debut of the MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, she revealed her heartfelt desire to reciprocate the love of the fans by saying that she was sincere through her first solo mini album Maria.

Hwasa released the mini-album Maria at 6 pm on the 29th to mark the commencement of her full-scale solo activity. This album is the first mini-album released by Hwasa in the first six years of her debut.

She relates that it seems that she has never been so passionate in my life. Maria is an album of twenty-six emotions written like a diary and the crystal of tears and sweats that she has shed.

Hwasa shares, “It was a really long time. When I didn’t want to wake up because I was sick, I thought I could take a little rest, and when I thought about the rest of my mind, I thought about the fans, and my mind always flashed. And it has always energized my life. I always cared for the love and support from the fans and prepared hard. I hope my sincerity in this album has been passed on to the fans.”

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