The characters portrayed by Park Hae-jin and Kim Eung-soo on Kkondae Intern added thrill and excitement to the show!

In Kkondae Intern, Park Hae-jin and Kim Eung-soo joined forces with each other to overcome their enemies. It started out as a bit of bad luck, but as we have been exposed to cockroaches, ransomware distribution, and links with the owner of the soup restaurant, the pieces accumulated in the past are unraveling, forming a strong bond between the characters.

This time, Yeonchan Chan’s loyalty shone. Yeol Chan Chan realized that Man-sik Lee was in crisis and jumped out of the interview with the candidate for managing director. With the help of Nam-gung Junsu (Park Ki-woong), Yeol-chan, who found the place where Man-sik Lee was trapped, jumped into the enemy with his bare body to save him.

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