SEVENTEEN’s 7th mini album Heng:garæ, released on the 22nd, surpassed 1.11 million copies in the initial sales volume, and became one of the top sellers in 2020.

In particular, with the significant achievement of SEVENTEEN, which has shown steady growth since its debut, the number of sales of the debut album Mini 1 ’17 CARAT’ has increased by about 1,000 times, and the artists who have exceeded 1 million copies of the initial sales are BTS and SEVENTEEN.

According to Hanter chart, the largest album sales site in Korea, SEVENTEEN’s mini album Heng:garæ recorded 1,097,891 pieces of first-time sales, ranking first in the weekly album chart (based on 20.06.22~20.06.28), firmly establishing the position of ‘million seller’.

In the history of K-pop, SEVENTEEN, who quickly broke through the pre-order amount of 10,600,000 sheets and announced ‘Million Seller’ in just 5 days since the start of the pre-sale, made a significant achievement in’Million Seller’ within 5 days of the initial counting period.

In addition, SEVENTEEN is revealing not only the title song Left & Right, but also recorded songs, sweeping the top charts around the world, including major domestic music charts, overseas iTunes charts, Billboard Japan, and China QQ Music K-pop charts.

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