WARNING: TRIGGER WARNING – images of self-harm and depression

Perhaps due to the recent controversies surrounding bullying and cyberbullying and with her previous confessions about trauma and self-harm in the past, fans were wary of the wrist scars on Mina, a former member of AOA, after she posted a series of photos on her Instagram account.





Earlier this month, Mina confessed that she had undergone mental trauma due to the bullying of another former member of AOA, Jimin, which caused her to harm herself. The photos seemed to be her way of updating fans of her condition. However, the scars went on to alert her followers, with some sending her messages of comfort as she heals herself from the tragedy.

Editor’s note: There is no healthcare without mental health. If you are suffering or are in crisis, please do remember that there are those willing to listen to your concerns. You may call your local crisis hotline through this website. Remember that you are special and you are loved.

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