Singer and actor Kim Dong-jun donated 10 million won to the MIRAL Welfare Foundation, asking them to use it to recover the victims.

The MIRAL Welfare Foundation announced on August 13 that singer and actor Kim Dong-jun donated 10 million won to the flood victims who suffered from torrential rain.

It is known that Kim Dong-jun personally donated money to the MIRAL Welfare Foundation without notifying the agency. Accordingly, it is said that the agency also confirmed the donation fact late in response to an inquiry from the MIRAL Welfare Foundation that the donor was Kim Dong-jun.

Kim Dong-jun’s donation will be used through the MIRAL Welfare Foundation to support housing remuneration, living expenses, medical expenses, and medical insurance for families of severely handicapped children affected by the heavy rain. The foundation also plans to provide various support to help victims return to their daily lives as soon as possible.

Kim Dong-jun is always doing good deeds with an interest in sharing. In March, a mask was donated to the vulnerable groups in Busan, Daegu, and donated advertising fees to the Plaza of Tamanam in order to be a little help in difficult times due to the novel coronavirus infection. On Earth Day on April 22, he participated in the Save the Earth campaign of Giving Plus, the MIRAL Welfare Foundation, which is active as an ambassador for the environment, and shared the meaning of environmental protection and sharing. Giving Plus is the first corporate social contribution store in Korea that sells new products donated by companies at reasonable prices and uses all proceeds for the employment of the disabled and the vulnerable.

Jeong Hyeong-seok, executive representative of the Milal Welfare Foundation, said, “I am sincerely grateful to Public Relations Ambassador Kim Dong-jun for always showing interest and love for marginalized neighbors. We will deliver the donation money to the victims with the warm heart of Kim Dong-jun.”

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