SF9 Rowoon sets out as the protagonist of a romance historical drama.

An official from the drama bureau announced on the 15th that he “was selected as the main character of the KBS 2TV drama Yeonmo (working title).”

Rowoon plays Jung Ji Woon, a Korean man in the drama. He will be the teacher and first love of Lee Hwi to be played by Park Eun Bin.

It is the first historical drama for Rowoon, who returns to a leading role after the drama She Would Never Know, which will premiere on the 18th.

Yeonmo is a secret story about a hidden king who has not remained in any part of history, a king of misfortune who has to live while hiding himself as a woman. The romance of the overturning relationship between the hidden female king and the handsome characters surrounding him is drawn in a fierce and romantic space called a palace, sometimes thrilling and sometimes dizzy.

It is based on a manhwa of the same name by Lee So Young.

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