Kim Sa Rang, Yoon Hyun Min, Yoo Sun, Jeong Man Sik, and Yoon So I, who have only two episodes left until the end of their show, directly picked the best scenes that will be remembered forever in their hearts.

TV Chosun’s Saturday and Sunday drama The Goddess of Revenge is a mystery exhilarating revenge play in which Kang Hae Ra, who was asked for revenge at an accidental opportunity, solves the case and confronts power, and the story development is full of fresh material and sense of urgency attracted attention. Here are the top 5 scenes in the show according to the actors!

  1. Kim Sa Rang’s favorite scene – Kang Hae Ra and Lee Ga On (Jeong Hyun Jun)’s ‘Mother of Tears Reunion’!
    As the most memorable scene, Sarang Kim cited the scene in Episode 10 where he returned from Canada and faced Lee Gaon at Kim Sang-gu (Jeong Man Sik)’s house. Kang Hae Ra shared a hug of tears with Lee Ga-on, who was in her room alone, and then explained to Lee Ga-on that she had to be at Kim Sang-gu’s house.Kim Sarang said, “It was a scene where the two people had a lot of pain and desperate longing while they were away. Haera confessed a hidden story that could show her deep maternal love.
  2. Yoon Hyun Min’s favorite scene-Cha Min Joon suffered a great conflict between revenge and compassion, the ‘car overturning accident’!
    Yoon Hyun Min selected the scene where Kang Hae Ra was relieved after hearing the news that she had been in a car accident. Cha Min Joon rushed to the hospital when the news that Kang Hae Ra had been in a car overturned an accident while seeking revenge for the claim for the right to indemnify an insurance agent.Yoon Hyun Min said, “I think I thought a lot about how to express Cha Min Joon’s complex heart shaken amid revenge and compassion while watching Kang Hae Ra lying in the bed. I chose this scene because it seemed that the sadness was well revealed.”
  3. Yoon Soy’s favorite scene – Mute and secret laughter in the face of a lion on a thin ice plate!
    Yoon Soy picked a scene facing Kim Sang Gu. Kim Tae On squeezed Lee Ga On’s shoulder in front of Kang Hae Ra, and issued an unspoken warning that if he attacked him, he would harm Lee Ga On.Yoon said, “I think it is a scene where the tension flowing in the hidden intentions of each character has strangely collided. I was worried about what I thought and how it would look. However, there were many reactions saying that the ending was so well edited that the scene got goosebumps, so you must be the director,” he said vividly about the scene.
  4. Jung Man Sik’s favorite scene – Kim Sang Gu’s one and only melodrama scene!
    In Episode 10, Jung Man Sik chose the scene to answer Cha Min Joon’s question, asking why he learned about the existence of Chai Hyun (Park Eun Hye)’s son. Kim Sang Gu said to Cha Min Joon, “Lee Hyun, at first sight, I thought he was this person.”Jeong Man Sik said, “In Kim Sang Gu’s memory, Chai Hyun wanted to deceive viewers that it was not a sponsor scandal, but a romance.”
  5. Club & Hotel Stealth, which proved the highest level of excitement by solving Yoon So I’s famous scene-quick decision!
    In Episode 2, Yoon So I cited the scenes where Goo Eun Hye rolled her arms up to solve a request from Kang Hae Ra. First, Goo Eun Hye, who infiltrated the hotel where Kang Hae Ra’s husband is, installed a hidden camera, captured the scene of an affair with her inner girl, Kim Tae On, and even Kim Hyun Seong (Jeong Eui Je) seduced at the club to reveal that the scandal was a lie.Yoon So I explains, “I wanted to visually show Eun Hye’s quick and witty girl-crushing side, so I worked hard. I think the two scenes show Eun Hye’s charm best, so I want to count it as a famous scene.”

Meanwhile, the final episodes of this TV Chosun drama will be broadcast at 9 pm on the 16th and 17th.

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