Amy enters Korea on the 20th as five-year entry ban expires


According to a media outlet on the 19th, Amy is scheduled to return home on a plane departing from Guangzhou, China on the afternoon of the 20th.

At first, Amy tried to enter Korea on the 13th, but the time of returning home was delayed for a week due to a problem with a Chinese visa. This entry is possible because Amy’s five-year entry ban has expired.

In 2012, Amy was sentenced to eight months in prison and two years on probation for taking propofol. At that time, Amy wrote a compliance pledge stating,’If I break the law again, I will not raise an objection even if I am forced to leave the country’ and stayed in Korea. However, in 2014, during the probation period, he was sentenced to a fine of 5 million won for taking zolpidem.

Accordingly, the Seoul Immigration Office ordered Amy, a foreign national, to leave the country. Amy was dismissed in the 2015 appeal for cancellation of the disposition of the departure order and was deported in December of that year.

It is reported that Amy, who has been living in the United States and China, has decided to return to Korea after the entry ban expired in December of last year.

After arriving in Korea, Amy is scheduled to meet her family after self-isolation for two weeks.

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