The elusive LA home life of Yoon Hyun Sook


On the morning of the 19th, Yoon Hyun Sook posted on her Instagram, “What is Monday?!! I wake up at 7 pm After breakfast, I go out at 9 am and land on the floor at 9 am 4;39 Monday is really very busy, hectic, and hard. I posted several photos with a post saying “You’re doing well” #Monday #Self-defense training #Yoon Hyun-sook #American everyday #Pot-Dak

In the published photos, she was showing off her outstanding beauty wearing a floral blouse. Yoon Hyun Sook debuted in 1992 with the mixed group Jam. Later, she turned to an actor and appeared in a number of dramas and is currently living in LA, USA.

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