Gong Min Ji (Minzy) from 2NE1 appeared in South Korean Foreigners and was curious about the possibility of being ‘complete’ in relation to a 2NE1 reunion.

MBC Every1’s South Korean Foreigners (대한외국인), which airs on the 20th, will have a special feature of ‘The People of Gonggan’, featuring actor Gong Hyung Jin, singer Gong Min Ji, sports announcer Gong Seo Young, and daily vice-team leader Ahn Hye Kyung.

Gong, who debuted with 2NE1 in 2009, has been loved by the public with a number of hit songs and powerful dances such as I Don’t Care, Go Away, and Naega Jeil Jal Naga (I’m the Best), and now, as a solo singer.

Since it was a legend group, many fans anticipate 2NE1’s. When host Kim Yong Man asked, “What do the members fee about this?,” Gong replied, “Everyone wants to do something somehow.” She also said that Sandara Park told them that they could get osteoporosis, “so let’s get together before that.”

In addition, Sandara Park showed the potential to go up to 10 levels in her career today. Gong Min Ji said, “I asked Dara how to go up to a higher level. It is important to do well, but I am lucky. I have to be lucky.”

Meanwhile, in this recording, Leah (Brazil), a member of the multinational girl group Black Swan, joined the Korean foreign team. It attracted attention by showing an anti-war powerful performance with an unusual youthful charm.

Foreigners will be broadcast 8:30 pm on the 20th.

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