From ‘Times’ to’Dark Hall’ and’Voice 4’… OCN unveils lineup in 2021


OCN has unveiled a series of drama lineups.

OCN plans to present a variety of genre works in the new year of 2021. It is determined to further increase the fandom of existing viewers by driving the momentum of OCN’s ‘wonderful rumors’ which ended last month with a phenomenal audience rating of 11% (paid platform nationwide furniture / Nielsen Korea).

In the video released on the 11th, OCN has unveiled a lineup of genre titles that will once again capture the eyes and ears of viewers this year. From political mysteries to creatures to evil spirit thriller, various genres of dramas that are possible because of OCN stand out.
OCN has unveiled a lineup of all-time dramas. Photo = OCN
The first work to open the door is’The Times’ starring Lee Seo-jin and Lee Ju-young, which will be broadcast for the first time at 10:30 pm on the 20th. It is a political mystery of Time Warp where Seo Jeong-in (Lee Ju-young), who was connected by phone with former reporter Lee Jin-woo (Lee Seo-jin) five years ago, faces a dangerous truth while blocking the death of his father Seo Ki-tae (Kim Young-chul). Next, the dramatic cinema’Dark Hall’, which will be unveiled during the first half of the year, is a survival drama starring Kim Ok-bin and Lee Jun-hyuk, depicting the desperate survival of the humans who drank black smoke from the sinkhole and those who survived. A new work by Jung Yi-do, who wrote ‘Save Me’ and ‘Others are Hell’. In the video, “I’m not a person, how does this happen…” In Kim Ok-bin’s voice, you can get a glimpse of the mysterious story that ‘Dark Hall’ will give.

In addition, the fourth season of OCN’s best box office series ‘Voice’, which will return after two years in 2021, is set to be released. With new faces joining the original cast, such as Lee Hana, once again, it is expected to perfectly meet the expectations of fans who are enthusiastic about the ‘Voice’ series. Also, in the second half of the year, a mysterious serial murder in a small town and a mysterious evil spirit thriller ‘Hometown,’ which started from a recording tape containing an unidentified bizarre sound, are expected to capture the attention of viewers.

Je-Hyun Kim, Managing Director of CJ ENM’s IP Division, said, “This year OCN has prepared a drama lineup with unique stories, characters, and worldviews ranging from ‘Times’ to’Dark Hall’, ‘Voice 4’and’Hometown’ based on the capabilities accumulated for 25 years. He said, “We will show well-made works that can only be shown by OCN, which takes the pinnacle of the genre.”

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