FULL TEXT: KBS statement on Ji Soo’s alleged school bullying, changes in the role, and other concerns for ‘River Where The Moon Rises’


They announced that some changes would come to River Where The Moon Rises starting with the ninth episode.

KBS announced an apology to viewers over issues of school violence committed by Ji Soo, one of the main actors in the series, and expressed concern towards the purported victims. The network will also be halting the reruns this weekend where the actor appeared, namely, the 7th and 8th episodes, and the actor will be deleted in future scenes as soon as possible, with a replacement being considered as of writing.

Also, KBS emphasized the seriousness of the incident and reviewed all plans, including the drama series’s possible cancellation. This comes after accusations of Ji Soo’s misconduct as a perpetrator of violence in school was posted on online platforms. While the article did not mention the school’s name, it shared that Kim Ji Soo (the actor’s full name), together with other alumni that attended the school from 2006 to 2008, is no more than a bully, a gangster, and no less.” Many victims soon came out after the news.

As mentioned, the River Where The Moon Rises is looking for a replacement. Na In Woo, who starred as Kim Byeong In in the recently ended tvN drama Mr. Queen, is strongly considered a replacement.

First of all, We apologize for causing concern to viewers over the controversy concerning the school violence committed by actor Ji Soo, who is appearing in the KBS Monday-Tuesday drama River Where The Moon Rises. Also, we would like to express my sincere consolation to the victims.

KBS will stop airing reruns this weekend for the episodes where actor Ji Soo appeared, namely the 7th and 8th episodes, with an imminent broadcast date, the scenes where actor Ji Soo appeared will be removed as much as possible. For broadcasts after episode 9, roles will be changed and scenes will be reshot before broadcasting.

KBS deeply recognizes the seriousness of this incident and reviewed all plans including cancellation of the schedule of the drama River Where The Moon Rises. However, if the program is canceled entirely in the future, it is a drama to viewers who have loved it in the meantime. We worry about the regret we all would experience of the remaining unfinished scenes. In addition, we had to consider the fact that we had to affect the lives of victims of good faith, such as numerous staff, actors, and production companies who had already participated in the production of the drama.

We ask for your broad understanding of this and your continued interest in River Where The Moon Rises.

Thank you.

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