DAY6’s Sungjin surprises with enlistment announcement


DAY6 member Sungjin directly announced on the 8th that he would enlist military.

On this day, Sungjin announced that he was enlisted by turning on a live broadcast of Naver Vlive in the car heading to the army training center. According to this, after receiving basic military training for 5 weeks, Sungjin will serve on active duty in the army.

Born in 1993, Sungjin, the eldest member of the Korean group, became the first of his teammates to serve in the military.

He said in the broadcast that day, “I still don’t feel it,” and “I was able to make this decision because I believe in both the fans and the members.”

Regarding DAY6’s activities, “(the remaining members) will protect the team by acting as a unit or as an individual. When the members are in the military, I only need to be active and hold a position first,” he said. “I will continue to work in DAY6 even after visiting the military.

DAY6, who became a four-member group with Sungjin’s enlistment, will soon release a new album. The agency JYP Entertainment recently said, “DAY6 is ​​preparing a new album. We will inform you when the specific release date is confirmed.”

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