This coming March 24th at 9:20 pm, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday mini-series, Oh My Ladylord, will be broadcast for the first time. Headlining actors such as Lee Min Ki as a thriller drama writer (Han Bi Soo), Nana as a romantic comedy actress (Oh Joo In), and CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk, a cosmetics chaebol  (Jung Yoo Jin).

The poster was revealed in surprise. In the previous teaser poster, the chemistry of Lee Min Ki and Nana was highlighted. The current one features two men with completely different charms, centered on is Nana wearing a bright red dress in a frame, is gorgeous with dignity, shining with dazzling beauty.

In front of Nana’s picture frame is Lee Min Ki, filled with a soft smile while holding a cell phone containing Nana’s photos. As Korea’s best thriller writer, he is an endless man with the name of Han Bi Soo. It is only because of Nana that he becomes so sweet.

On the other hand, Kang Min Hyuk, another man who threatens Lee Min Ki, raises curiosity. In the poster, he is also sitting with Nana’s picture in his hand. In the drama, Kang Min Hyuk played the role of Jung Yoo Jin, an old friend of Oh Joo In. His greatest charm is his affection and innocence towards her.

MBC’s new mini-series will be broadcast for the first time at 9:20 pm on Wednesday, March 24th. ‘Five! ‘Master’ will be broadcasted at IQIYI International on Wednesday, March 24, and will be serviced around the world at the same time and can be viewed immediately after the broadcast at each episode. Overseas users can enjoy the content provided by iQIYI International by accessing or downloading the application through the Apple Store or Google Play.

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