New posters for ‘Joseon Exorcist’ revealed


The much-anticipated drama Joseon Exorcist has recently announced the launch of extraordinary characters who will complete their original worldview.

On the 12th, SBS’s new Monday and Tuesday drama Joseon Exorcist (director Shin Shin Soo, screenplay Park Gye Ok, production studioplex, CAVEWORKS, Lotte Culture Works) tells about the characters’ interaction with the Western evil spirit ‘Azazel’ that penetrates human desires. Character posters of Gam Woo Sung, Jang Dong Yoon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Dong Jun, Jung Hye Sung, Seo Young Hee, Geum Sae Rok, and Lee Yoo Bi were released.

Joseon Exorcist depicts the bloody struggle of humans to protect the people and evil spirits who use human desires to devour Joseon. Lee Bang Won (King Taejong), who was on patrol in the north, built an original worldview by adding ‘exorcism’ to the imagination of confronting a strange entity trying to reign over humans. It is expected that the bloody war of resurrection in the land of Joseon, where the evil spirit of the West, who Taejong thoroughly sealed, wriggles with desire, will unfold breathtakingly.

Ten days before the first broadcast, the extraordinary presence of Gam Woo Sung, Jang Dong Yoon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Dong Jun, Jung Hye Sung, Seo Young Hee, Geum Sae Rok, and Lee Yoo Bi who will fight against the evil spirits in the character poster released with different desires and beliefs in the public character poster raises expectations even more.

First, the heavy charisma of Gam Woo Sung, who was resentful as King Taejong, overwhelms the gaze. When the evil spirit ‘Azazel’, who had been sealed with his own hands, was resurrected in the land of Joseon where greed was infested, Taejong held the sword again. There is no hesitation in his eyes as he fought the last fight to protect Joseon.

The transformation of Prince Chungnyeong, played by Jang Dong Yoon, who entered the bloody war, also adds to the expectation. In the tears of Prince Chungnyeong facing chaotic Joseon and the people who have turned into life, even determination is felt. He has come to face reality and pays attention to whether he can be reborn as a true monarch who did not know the world.

It is also interesting to see Park Sung Hoon’s Prince Yangnyeong, who exudes a cool charisma in front of a strange being. His mad eyes that he will cut down whatever is in the way of him cause goosebumps. Armed with self-confidence and self-righteousness, Yangnyeongdaegun lives with anxiety inside. A person who shakes without hesitation when his position is threatened in chaotic Joseon. His desire not to be stolen from anything adds to his curiosity to his move at the crossroads of choice.

The intense transformation of Kim Dong Jun, who plays Byeo Ri, is also remarkable. His goal is to go to a place where there is no status discrimination as he is good at spearheading and good at swordsmanship. Byeo Ri, who unexpectedly starts a dangerous and bizarre walk with Prince Chungnyeong, opens his perspective on the outside world and the lives of the people. A person who discovers a hidden image of himself that he did not know after struggling with his life-threatening life.

The mysterious atmosphere of Jung Hye Sung, who has transformed into a shaman of the state, Mu Hwa, also attracts attention. His eyes are full of sadness as he eagerly prays for something. Attention is also drawn to the inevitable fate of Mu Hwa, who is struggling to save Prince Kangnyeong (played by Moon Woo Jin) by risking his life for Queen Won Myeong (played by Seo Young Hee), a lifesaver.

The tears of Queen Won Myeong looking at Prince Kangnyeong encroached by evil spirits heighten the sense of crisis. Queen Won Myeong is unable to hide her grief at the appearance of Gangnyeongdaegun, who was trapped in an ice room due to an attack in her life. It is expected that Taejong and Prince Kangnyeong, who are willing to make any sacrifices for the country, will constantly confront.

The visual center Hye Yoom played by Geum Sae Rok with a secret of a man’s mother is in charge of the girl crush charm. Unlike his fluttering appearance, he has a rough mouth, and he has a strong inside as much as his tight eyes. She will be together on a dangerous journey between Byeo Ri and Prince Chungnyeong.

Lee Yoo Bi challenges her femme fatal performance by taking the role of Eo Ri, who monopolizes the love of Prince Yangnyeong. Eo Ri’s dignified gaze reveals a unique distribution that only needs to hold everything he wants in his hand. Her great desire to put Joseon at her feet makes her wonder what kind of turmoil she will bring to Joseon, swept away by evil spirits.

The production crew of Joseon Exorcist said, “They are character posters that contain the narrative of eight people with different desires and beliefs, and those who will face evil spirits in their own way.”

Joseon Exorcist will be broadcast for the first time on March 22 at 10 pm.

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