“On The Ground.” – Solo singer Rosé’s first step, with BLACKPINK’s support


BLACKPINK’s Rosé makes his first solo project.

The global press conference for Rose’s solo album R was held online on March 12th.

“It’s my first solo and I’ve been preparing for a long time, so I’m trembling a lot,” she said. She thanked all the Blinks for waiting for a long time and hopes that the project will be liked by the fans.

Rosé, who started filming a music video in January, said, “I also liked winter because I lived in Korea. It was cold, but I had a lot of memories. I can shoot with good people, so I think I made great work satisfactorily. I’m happy.”

On the album name, she said, “I tried to signify the start of the first solo by using the first letter of my name, ‘R’, which many people call me. Rather than the letter ‘R’ defining me, when you see me, the first thing to think about is ‘R’. It would be nice if you think about the letter.”

She also said, “It was the first time I introduced myself to the public as a solo Rosé, so I wanted to include the most honest image of myself. I was able to take time to look back on myself while preparing the album. I thought that I was a person who heals and learns a lot through music.”

Rosé, who recorded two songs in this album, said, “When recording songs, there seem to be songs that come like fate sometimes. GONE was first recorded two years ago and I still remember the moment. I love it so much. I also liked On the Ground, so these two songs were naturally selected. It came like fate without thinking too much.”

The single for the first solo album is On The Ground. It contains the message of running and looking at a higher place, but the important value is in oneself.

Rosé, who wrote the lyrics for the single, said, “I think there is a language that matches each song. To improve the completeness of the title song, I thought a lot about which language would be best suited for this song. English is the most suitable for this song. I thought it would be more important to improve the perfection and present a satisfying song more than anything else.”

She shared how fellow BLACKPINK members’ support to be very important and she sees them as a blessing. Jenny gave her a cute gift and made a bracelet with her puppy’s name. Jisoo shared how she loved her songs and her project. Lisa shared how cool the video that she has shot.

Rosée said, “I hope you see this album as the first step of a solo career that introduces me as I am. In particular, while preparing for this album, I realized a lot, sympathized, and comforted. I hope those who listen to my songs will also sympathize and receive comfort. Especially, if Blinks likes it, I will be happy.”

Besides, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rosé said, “I am also very upset because I can’t meet my fans in person. I think everyone is having a very difficult time, but I hope this time will pass and the day will come when I can see them face to face.”

Rosé, who is about to appear on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in the United States, said, “We have prepared a gorgeous stage, so look forward to it. The stage will be first seen on SBS Inkigayo on the 14th.”

On the other hand, Rosé’s solo single album R is attracting attention from fans around the world, will be released on the 12th at 2 o’clock EST.

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