SM Entertainment on Yunho: There was no wrongdoing except violating the quarantine rules


Amid reports that TVXQ’s Yunho (real name Jung Yun Ho, 35), who was recently accused of violating the quarantine rules, attempted to escape, SM Entertainment said, “There is no fact of attempting to escape.”

SM made an official position on the 12th and said while it is an obvious mistake that Yunho did not follow the quarantine rules. Although he himself is deeply reflecting on the quarantine rules, he violated the quarantine rules. He never did anything wrong other than that.

The agency said that Yunho only went to a place where a friend told him to come after receiving a call from a friend who wanted to consult with concerns, and it was the first place he visited. At the time of the crackdown, there were only managers for payment, not female employees.

News headlines in Korea have been flashing questions about how Yunho attempted to escape from the crackdown. The police are reviewing plans to enlist the attendees on suspicion of obstructing the execution of public affairs.

MBC reported that the company Yunho visited was an illegal membership-based entertainment bar located in Cheongdam-dong.

The Seoul Police Agency announced on the 9th that Yunho is among those being investigated for suspicion of violating the Infectious Disease Prevention and Management Act (Infectious Disease Prevention Act). Yunho is accused of staying at a restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at the end of last month, past 10 pm and until midnight. According to the second stage of social distancing, the business hours of restaurants, cafes, and karaoke rooms in the metropolitan area, including Seoul, were delayed by an hour from the 15th of last month to 10 pm.

Yunho posted on his Instagram on the night of the 9th, “Hello. I’m Jung Yunho. I’m sorry. I was a disappointment to all those who have trusted and supported me in the meantime. Most of all, the medical staff who endure the difficult situation due to COVID-19. We apologize and apologize to all those who are having a hard and tiring day.”

“I was too embarrassed to be able to meet the business hours while spending time meeting and talking with friends, so I was so shy about myself that I was angry with myself, and I think that many people were angry and hurt a lot because of my wrong behavior. I am so regretful and sorry for the wrongdoing. I will become Jung Yunho, who deeply reflects on the violation of the quarantine rules and observes the COVID-19 quarantine rules more thoroughly, and thinks and acts more deeply at every moment. I am truly sorry again.”

<Full statement from SM Entertainment>

Today, based on the facts and other contents related to Yunho were reported, and we would like to express our position on this.

It is an obvious mistake that Yunho did not follow the quarantine rules, and although he is deeply reflecting on himself, he never did anything wrong except violating the quarantine rules.

Yunho Yunho received a call from a friend who wanted to consult with him concerns and only went to the place where his friend asked him to come, and this was the first place he visited.

In addition, Yunho spent time only with friends at the place, and there was no fact that a female employee was present. At the time of the crackdown, there were only managers at the site for payment, not female employees.

And Yunho did not attempt to escape at the time of the crackdown. Rather, they sincerely cooperated with the police and related public officials in the execution of their official duties, and immediately checked their identity at the scene, and were taken home. Suddenly, a dozen plainclothes policemen came in and cracked down, and some friends who did not recognize the police complained in embarrassment, but this happened without Yunho.

We are very sorry for the facts that have not been properly confirmed and are reported differently.

He will be sweetly reprimanded and punished for wrongdoings, but I sincerely ask you to refrain from making unfounded speculations.

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